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1)Clear your pockets

Stop stuffing your extra pockets. It'll cause clutter which leads to digging which leads to a bigger mess. Opt for bags for things like cosmetics and feminine products.


2) It's Not a Trash Can

Put the pen top back on. Throw the gym wrapper away. Do you really need to keep that receipt? Throw away what you don't need. Keep it tidy!


3) Pick a cleaning schedule

You should try to clean your bag daily, but most of us don't have the time or energy for that. Aim for a cleaning at least three times a week. Get rid of old receipts, notes, & whatever else has settled at the bottom.


4) Use the Travel Size

No need to carry around that full sized bottle of lotion. And you don't need to carry your whole makeup regimen with you everyday. Use travel sized bottles and only carry what you use throughout the day.


5) Make it Easy

It's so frustrating to need your charger right now, but it's gonna take 3 mins to untangle it from your bag. Keeping headphones & charger in an eyeglass case makes life a little easier.